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Fair comment and its consequences

Comments have been all the rage lately – whether it’s the lack of them on Andrew Bolt’s blog, or the thousands that have been prompted by Australia’s asylum seeker debate. And then there’s Piers Morgan, who tried and failed to turn a rude remark into a publicity opportunity. Continue reading


What’s the matter, Higgs Boson too hard?

Forget traditional journalism, for the biggest science story since the Moon landing we turned to Twitter. Continue reading

Ballad of the #HuntforHajnal

Introducing @ebonycavallero as Clancy of the Overflow and @PaulTully as the Man from Snowy River. Featuring @alisonsandy @brookebaskin @MScanlan7 @SydWalker @sophie_walsh9 @funkii @fearlesslyfrank @SalPiracha @glengyron as a Posse. And starring @Can_do_Campbell as a Dark Stranger. Continue reading

A shit storm in 140 characters

The Finnish word for pedant is pilkunnussija, literally ‘comma f*cker.’ But an Attack of the Pilkunnussija can be anything but funny. Continue reading

I blog, therefore I tweet

My lurking days are over. Time to dive right in… just as the wave crashes apparently… Continue reading

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