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An invitation to a Rising

When my youngest daughter the Little Chef stood up to an example of Everyday Sexism, she soon discovered she wasn’t alone. Sometimes all you need is an invitation. Continue reading


Mussel flexing women destroy the joint

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s speech in which she denounced the opposition leader’s sexism and misogyny made headlines around the world. But it followed an extraordinary period when the spotlight never shifted far from the treatment of women in our society. Continue reading

Sisters, sisters what are we fighting for?

Job opportunities and healthcare, that’s what. And we’re still fighting, after all these years… Continue reading

A shit storm in 140 characters

The Finnish word for pedant is pilkunnussija, literally ‘comma f*cker.’ But an Attack of the Pilkunnussija can be anything but funny. Continue reading

Panda-gate, the gender politics of shopping and exploding breasts

Like many hairy feminists, I’m concerned about the way wimmin are portrayed in the media. Continue reading


Your Girl Reporter is now filing as Maria Spackman at www.mariaspackman.com Same great content, whole new website. I’m leaving Sally Baxter up, as I can’t quite bring myself to let her go completely, but it’s time to honour my family name – and use it. Hope you’ll join me for the Further Adventures of a Girl Reporter. It’ll be fun.