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I didn’t even have time to get burned

First I was late to social media, now I’m late to investing too.

I am perennially behind the times.

I’ve finally managed to hoard together a few dollars with the aim of trying my luck as a (very) small investor and I’ve been reading lots of good advice over the past six months on how to buy low and sell high.

But it seems I’ve missed that boat too, as 2012 looks like being the year that the entire global financial system goes under. Oh well.

Joseph Stiglitz has a depressing but probably realistic forecast for 2012:

“… rather than bringing the hoped-for end of the Great Recession of 2008, a downturn that has lasted too long and caused too much suffering, 2012 may mark the beginning of a new and more frightening phase of the world’s worst economic calamity in three-quarters of a century.”

Read why here –

The Year of Rational Pessimism by Joe Stiglitz

Joe didn’t just scare me witless this week. He also, along with his wife Anya Schiffrin, gave a delightful interview to New York magazine about the growing obsolescence of the American marriage.

According to Pew, marriage is at a record low, with just 51 per cent of American adults in a lawful union.

The interview examines a less reported trend, which shows it’s overwhelmingly financially independent, free-thinking, college-educated people who are doing the marrying.

Stiglitz and Schiffrin talk about why. As you’d expect, it’s the economy and they make some interesting points.

We get a peek into their own marriage too, which is when I forgave him for being such a depressing old goat.

Making Partners

Stiglitz’ gloomy message for 2012 was underpinned by some great charts I saw on Mother Jones.

It’s the Inequality, Stupid

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