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Maria Spackman Exposed: I am Your Girl Reporter

Sally Baxter, Girl Reporter is a fictional character whose persona I adopted when I had the bright idea five years ago of starting a blog. My name is Maria Spackman and it’s time to come out from behind the curtain and say g’day.

Your humble Girl Reporter created the blog with no greater intention than to have a go. I wondered how far I could take it on a budget of no money and minimal time [Answer: Quite far, actually].

The online persona was all the rage in 2012 and the question of my identity irrelevant. So off I went, setting up a free blog and associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Content was the key, of course, and a need to come up with some was the reason I turned down Memory Lane a few months into my blogging journey and unearthed a funny little story about my dad, Jack Spackman. Continue reading


One more thing

  • Your Girl Reporter blogs fortnightly on the past, present and future of journalism – from growing up in Hong Kong, to working in the UK and now observing the state of the world from my native Australia. Don’t know where to begin? Let me recommend some stories my father told me here.

Once I was a girl reporter. Now I’m an interested observer

Covering the past, present and future of journalism. The views expressed here are entirely my own, as is the content except where expressly credited or linked to the original site.

Sally Baxter was a girl reporter who appeared in a series of books published in the 1960s. She inspired me to become a journalist, if that's any recommendation.

I’m Maria Spackman and these are my Observations, from growing up in Hong Kong with my journalist parents to working on local newspapers in Britain and now learning to live in my native Australia. It’s fun.

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